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The Spanish curriculum taught at Glenbrook is carefully sequenced to cover the National Curriculum requirements and to progressively develop children’s skills in Spanish through regular lessons.

At Glenbrook we use the La Jolie Ronde Spanish scheme of work. Children explore differences between Spanish and English, as well as developing skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary. Children speak with increasing confidence and fluency as they progress through the curriculum at Glenbrook.

In the Early Years, Glenbrook children are taught to develop an interest in languages using La Jolie Ronde Little Languages Scheme of Work. From Year 1 onwards, Glenbrook pupils enjoy speaking, singing and hearing Spanish regularly. From Year 3 onwards, pupils develop their ability to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish further, extending their skills in speaking and writing.


At Glenbrook we work with Spanish-speaking volunteers and celebrate Spanish language and culture in themed days.

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